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Shouldn't my leather look shiny?

Long story short - no, read on for why! Straight off the dealership lot where it looked clean until we steam cleaned the small section! Purchasing a vehicle with leather is usually more expensive as leather is a premium material over the fabric in most vehicles, it can add thousands of dollars to the purchase price of any vehicle. Leather gives a very lush feel and look to a vehicle and leather seats are generally much easier to clean and very stain-resistant. Leather seats are also resistant to smells that can come with stains and the passengers who cause them (human and non-human!). Leather is not maintenance free. Leather upholstery requires regular cleaning andconditioning with specialized products. If you skip this step, you may find your leather fading, cracking and generally looking worn out sooner than you’d like. A good indicator that your leather needs some attention is when it starts to look shiny.

Close up of the front passenger seat of a truck - notice the difference between the portion of the leather that is steam cleaned.

Shiny leather is not clean leather. The shine that you are seeing usually comes from built up body oils and grime on the leather (can also come from hair spray, dog slobber, food smudges etc.). In the photo of the light coloured leather above this vehicle was brought to us at our Midtown Plaza, Saskatoon location straight off the lot. It looked clean to the eye until we steam cleaned it and can you ever tell the difference! Steam cleaning releases the dirt and grime from the porous leather. Once that process is complete we then treat the leather with Optimum Protectant Plus UV protectant to help repel future grime, dust and stains. Optimum Protectant Plus also helps prevent fading and cracking of the leather caused by the sun's harmful UV rays (one of the fastest ways that the interior of your vehicle devalues). Most over-the-counter leather and vinyl protectants leave an oily film behind which gives them a glossy look and slick feel. Since these products are not absorbed into the surface, they last only a few days and act as a dust magnet. Optimum Protectant Plus will keep leather supple with a natural satin finish. It helps reduce cracking on leather and vinyl surfaces, as well as reducing scratching and marring. Protectant Plus penetrates and adheres to these surfaces, therefore it does not make them oily or slick and provides lasting protection. THAT is why shiny leather isn't the look you want for your upgraded interior. YXE Quick Clean Team

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3 days ago

Maintaining leather upholstery in vehicles is crucial for longevity and appearance. Leather offers a luxurious feel and is more stain-resistant than fabric. Regular cleaning and conditioning with specialized products, like Optimum Protectant Plus from any vinyl repair service firm, it will keep leather supple and protected from UV damage, ensuring a natural, satin finish without oily residue.

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