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"Can you get these scratches out?" YES!

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

In September we completed our Opti-Coat Pro Certification with a week of training with the VP of Opti-Coat Yvan Lacroix and his partner Sylvie Robidoux at our Midtown Plaa location. They are the best in the business and we were so fortunate to have them travel to Saskatoon to complete the training on-site here with us. Never heard of Yvan or Sylvie before? Check out this video of them completing a full detail on a Jaguar. We are happy to now be providing paint correction, ceramic coating, glass coating, interior coating, and headlight restoration! Whether you got too close to that poll in the drive through or came out to the lovely surprise of your parking lot neighbour brushing their SUV against yours, damage to paint happens. Let us take care of it for you, whatever your goals at our convenient Midtown Plaza location in the heart of Saskatoon.

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