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Sell your vehicle with great photos

Used vehicle sales are on the rise in Canada and with them a growth in the transparency of pricing.

At any given time there are over 1 million used vehicles for sale on and It is easier than ever to compare pricing between used vehicles in your home town, across your province or across the country. There are apps solely dedicated to showing you if the used vehicle you're looking at is valued at a fair market rate or if it's priced too high.

With that kind of information available to buyers it is critical that your vehicle makes an excellent visual impression.

Professional vehicle detailing can increase the value of your vehicle by up to 15% (see the Carwise article here). Having a very clean vehicle compared to a dirty vehicle can mean thousands of dollars more in your pocket.

Ok, so you've gotten your vehicle professionally detailed. Now you need to take pictures of your vehicle to show it off and get it sold.

Focus on Lighting

  1. Taking your photos outdoors during early morning late evening is best - the sun is low and provide a warm glow, free from harsh shadows or bright glare

  2. A cloudy day can also be a good time to pull out your camera for the same reasons

Choose your location carefully

  1. You don't want distracting clutter in the photo - the car has to be the main focus

  2. Watch for trees or signs in the distance - in photos they can look like they are growing out of your car

Yikes. Not like this.

3. Be prepared to move your vehicle while you take photos, different angles are key to showing off your vehicle and you want the best background and lighting for each shot

Give your potential buyers variety

  1. You've bought a car so you know there are several shots that we have become accustomed to seeing - the most common being from the front side that gives a good look at both the front and side of the vehicle (make sure you take this shot)

  2. Take great shots of the front of the car, both side profiles, the rear, the front interior (sit in the back seat), the rear interior (sit in the front seat and shoot down the centre of the vehicle), a shot of the odometer reading, the truck/back hatch. If you're shooting an SUV take a shot from the roof inside the hatch that shows the full interior

  3. Don't be afraid of taking "too many pictures". Once you've downloaded your images you'll really be able to tell if you've got glare or cut out a spot. By taking lots of pictures you will increase the likelihood of getting great shots

Keep it accurate

  1. Just because you use a filter in your selfies does not mean you should use one when selling your vehicle. Do not do anything to touch up the car or cover up flaws. Anything you try to hide will eventually be revealed when the buyer comes to check out the car - don't waste your time or your potentially buyers.

Don't feel like you need a special camera. The camera in your cell phone is an amazing tool and by following our tips above you can produce great shots. By taking good quality photos, that highlight you car's best attributes, you will put yourself ahead of the pack. You'll see more interest from buyers and sell your vehicle that much faster!

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