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Quick tips to keep your vehicle clean

You spend good money to keep your vehicle running. It takes you where you need to go and you maybe even take pride in it. It's irritating when it becomes messy and dirty and sometimes just plain gross.

We get it and we know it's not always your fault. Other people (kids?) are just the worst sometimes. Often other people getting into your car give no thought into the impact they have. Especially kids. Ok, we know you love your kids and maybe you even like other people's children too. That doesn't negate the fact that they are often the worst offenders. So what can you do to keep your vehicle clean up against these forces for mess?

Here is our list of the top ways to keep your vehicle clean:

1. Keep a small trash bag in your car. Regardless of who travels in your vehicle there is going to be garbage. Rarely do we see a designated location for trash in vehicles. You can do this, and do it in a cute way. Check out these compact, inexpensive ideas for in vehicle garbage. ( )

2. Kick off your boots. I can remember my Dad doing this, and yelling at us kids to do it (we didn't), every time we got into his truck. Before getting into your vehicle try sitting in the seat with your legs hanging outside. Now bang your boots together. Who knows what is lurking on the underside of your shoes! This is especially important in the winter.

3. No Food. Ok ok we know this is difficult but this is the easiest item on our list. There's no better way to clean up a mess than avoiding it in the first place. Your car will thank you.

4. Vacuum first. If you're going to take time to clean up your vehicle the best bang for your buck is going to be vacuuming. Think of it as sweeping your kitchen floor before you mop. Often after a thorough sweep you're surprised by how clean the floor is.

5. Tide to Go. Keep one of these little puppies in your car. If you spill something that could leave a stain (you skipped #3 didn't you!), then you'll be glad you had one around. These won't actually clean the spill, but if used properly, it will stop the mess from leaving a permanent stain on your fabric.

6. Call YXE Quickclean. You probably saw this one coming but it's still the most useful tip on the list! Call YXE Quickclean at 306-700-5599. We're an affordable detailing service that can come to wherever you are or you can use our convenient locations!

We know that a lot of the time life gets in the way of keeping your vehicle clean. We hope that this list helps keep the time between your details enjoyable.

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