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Do you have an emergency winter kit in your vehicle?

We live in a cold weather climate. We drive to and from in this climate and there is a chance that we can run into problems.

Whether you're stuck on the side of Circle Dr with a flat tire or broken down between Rosthern and Duke Lake you need to be ready. Even if your tow truck (or your true hero of a friend) is only 20 minutes from you these items will help keep you, and your family, safe and comfortable.

Here is our list of the must have items for your winter kit:

1. A Flashlight. When you buy the flashlight make sure you get, and install, the batteries before it goes into your vehicle.

2. A First Aid Kit. There are so many varieties of first aid kits on the market that it can be a bit overwhelming. We're going to direct you here to the Canadian Red Cross for their suggestions.

3. Some extra warm clothes. Get ready to get snuggly. A big blanket, some extra socks, mittens, toques. If you travel with children you will want to include child sized versions of these as well.

4. Something for traction. You hear a lot about keeping a bag of sand in your vehicle. WHERE does one buy a bag of sand (hint: Peavey mart was the last place I found one)? If you can't find a bag of sand pick up a bag of kitty litter. Kitty litter provides traction and absorption can also help should you have an accident where you spill oil/ vehicle fluids.

5. High energy snacks. Like you need another excuse to pick up some tasty treats! Really though, having items like jerky and nuts will help stave off those hunger pangs and keep your energy up.

6. Road Flares. Ok this is an often listed item and I have to admit that I don't know anyone that owns these. The idea behind road flares is that you make you visible in such times as a snow storm. If lighting up flares is intimidating I recommend that you get your hands on pop up reflector cones. They store easily and can be weighed down if you're in adverse conditions. The whole idea is to let other drives know you are there, to avoid a vehicle collision.

Just as you have a duty to stay safe on the roads you also need to protect yourself, and your loved ones, in the event of a breakdown. Take the time to bring these 6 items into your vehicle and you can rest easy knowing you're ready.

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