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5 tips to keep your car clean during road trips.

1. Don't eat in your car

90% of the mess in the vehicles we see stems from eating in the car.

2. Keep a trash bag in your car (because we know you won't listen to #1).

Tuck that plastic bag in the centre console, hang it off the back of your seat, or put it on the floor - just make sure you have a couple handy.

You know those plastic grocery bags you get when you forget to bring in your reusable bags? Place a few of those in your car. Make sure everything goes in the bags - from the fast food trash to the tiny gum wrapper (we know you're going to eat in your car so this is a must-do step).

3. Each time you stop at a gas station to fill up, take a couple of minutes to tidy up the car.

Be brave, have a go at the cupholders

Throw out the trash you’ve bagged up and wipe down the steering wheel, dash and seats (if they’re leather) with a damp cloth/ napkin (or keep dedicated vehicle wipes in your car for bonus points).

4. Before you get in the car, knock your feet together.

Butt in seat, legs out the vehicle door - knock feet together. This will be a huge help to keep dirt, debris, mud and road salt out of your vehicle.

5. If you’re traveling with children, store their items in a bin or backpack.

We know you're going to have food in the car (this will help keep it localized)

Hang their backpacks in front of them to encourage them to put their items back in.

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